Prodfest 2019

Learn with world's leading product people.
San Francisco, CA, May 14.

Companies that attend


Kathy O’Dowd
Director of Product Management

Kathy Porto Chang
Product Manager

Jose del Corral
Senior Product Manager

Danny deLaveaga

Fatima Husain
Product Manager

Mayukh Bhowal
Director, Product Management

Maira A. Malik
Staff Product Manager

Why attend?

This is where the world's leading product people share practical advice on building products that users love and how to become great product leaders. Some of the most talented minds in the industry will come together and share case studies, tactics, strategies, and insights to give you a new perspective on product management.

What people say about our events

"Fantastic event! Hands down the best conference I've been to."

Anna Sparrow, UNIVERIS

"Informative. Inspiring speakers. Great take aways."

Ashley Hamilton, Demac Media

"Great opportunity to get insight into practices at companies."

Shehzad Akbar, Architech

"Glad I took the leap and came to this event."

Jack Lee, MDDT


9:30 AM

10:30 AM
Kathy Porto Chang, Stripe

Prioritizing User Delight. It can be hard to figure out what product features will delight your users -- and even harder to prioritize them in your full roadmap. Learn about when and how to introduce features that are focused on delighting your users.

11:00 AM
Maira A. Malik, Tesla

Leveraging service design thinking to create disruptive customer experiences: When we look around at modern day unicorns, one thing is clear: their success comes not from what service they are offering, but how they are offering the service. Join Maira as she deep dives in to service design and design thinking principles and shares a well publicized case study on how these tools can be implemented to re-design a service experience. Maira will educate on how these design techniques can be leveraged by any product team looking to not just design an interface, but disrupt their market's status quo.

11:30 AM
Mayukh Bhowal, Salesforce

AI is quietly transforming the product management role. There is an evolution in Product Management correlated with the shift from the digital revolution to the AI revolution. As AI and ML eat software, more and more PMs need to level up their skills to manage these products and provide requirements and specifications which will add value to the data engineering and data science teams. This will lead to actually solving customer pain points and not just building a cool technology solution.

12:00 PM

1:30 PM
Danny deLaveaga, Breadware

Empowering Teams with Prototyping. Consumer demands are changing—and so are the product development processes that serve to keep up with them. Danny will share how strategic prototyping is key to helping teams create the best product possible. He will discuss why it’s important for companies to be strategic about building their product prototypes and how collaboration during the prototyping phase can help product teams work more efficiently to achieve a common goal. He will discuss what creators can implement into their product development strategy to ensure the most cost-efficient processes, transformational end-user experiences, and boosted productivity.

2:00 PM
Fatima Husain, Airbnb

Building a paid growth engine: An interconnected system of marketing, ad technology and robust data infra reaching millions of people, inspiring them to take action, and empowering companies to drive acquisition efficiently and at scale.

2:30 PM
Coffee Break

3:00 PM
Jose del Corral, Tesla

The Low-touch vs High-touch approach. How to engage with customers creating low-touch environments while providing personalized end-to-end digital experiences.

3:30 PM
Kathy O'Dowd, Netflix

Building products for a high-growth company. Kathy O'Dowd talks about how the Netflix MarTech team builds to support Netflix's rapidly growing Marketing team in their quest to make the best of the company's $2B and rising annual global marketing budget.

4:00 PM


Bespoke at Westfield San Francisco Centre
845 Market Street, Suite 450
San Francisco

Bespoke is located inside Westfield San Francisco Centre on Level Four next to Bloomingdale's.

Who attends?

23andMe + Adobe + Airbnb + Amazon + Apple + Asurion + AT&T + BCG Digital Ventures + Caring + CBS Interactive + Checkr + Cisco + Clear + Capital One + Cloudera + Code for America + Course Hero + DockYard + Ebay + Facebook + Google + Pivotal + Pivotus Ventures + Plantronics + Practice Fusion + Qualpay + Quid + RevStream + Ript Labs + Riviera Partners + Rover + Salesforce + Sam's Club + SoFi + Stanford + Strava + SuccessFactors + Symantec + Norton + Tapjoy + TaskRabbit + Tinder + HelloFresh + Host Analytics + HP + Hulu + IDEO + Intapp + Levi's + LogMeIn + Lytro + McKesson + Meltwater + Nettle Studios + Nordic Naturals + Optoro + Oracle + Tesla + Udemy + Upwork + Surgical + Twitter + Verizon + Veyo + Visa + Walmart Labs + Xero + Zoosk + more


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